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Closer than close-by

The ”close” concept has become a fashionable word for residential areas wishing to describe how conveniently they are situated. But in actual fact,  in many of these places, “close” means quite some way away.

Staffanstorp is located exactly where it should be. Everyone in the Greater Copenhagen region can get here very quickly. Copenhagen is 30 minutes away. Malmö is 15 minutes away… Lund is a 15 minute bike ride – or ten minutes on the bus.

We’re not saying we are located “close-by”. We’re saying we are a lot closer than that.

Active leisure time

Staffanstorp offers a rich choice of culture, sports and outdoor recreation for all those looking for active leisure time. Our future plans include the making of an even greener and more beautiful Staffanstorp, with more parks, jogging trails and other green spaces.

Some hundred associations occupied with sports, culture, preservation, pensioners, etc. and all open for new members.

A wide choice of recreational activities such as music, bowling, scouting, dog training, mini-racing, riding, shooting etc.

The indoor and open-air swimming baths organise family activities all year round.

Four indoor sports centres in Staffanstorp and Hjärup and several other sports facilities open to all.

A large sports stadium is built in Staffanstorp called Staffansvallen and a large recreation and sports park is planned in Hjärup. Three new multi-sports arenas equipped with synthetic grass are to be built in Staffanstorp and Hjärup.

Excellent jogging trails running through attractive countryside have been opened in both Staffanstorp and Hjärup.

Recreation centres with rehearsal rooms, cafés, computers, TV and WiI and modern skating facilities in both Staffanstorp and Hjärup.

The public art gallery in Staffanstorp is very active and puts on at least seven exhibitions each year.

The music school for children of 5 years and up in both Staffanstorp and Hjärup teaches children to play most kinds of musical instruments.

Well-stocked libraries with computers, talking books and book buses in both Staffanstorp and Hjärup.

Activities and social get-togethers for the elderly at Medelpunkten, Pilegården with restaurant, pleasant outdoor seating, refreshments and lunch served daily.

A varied life all your life

Staffanstorp provides variety through all of life’s stages. Choose between one of our many beautiful newly built, fairly new or older green terrace houses and detached houses, houses in country settings or in one of the pretty villages within the municipality. Senior citizens are provided with well-equipped sheltered housing with high service standards.


1400 children attend our pre-schools. And we provide an open pre-school for those who prefer to stay at home with the children.

Secondary schools

There are eight municipal and two private secondary schools to choose from.

Upper secondary schools

Hvilan Utbildning provides three upper secondary school courses: Gardening, Florist and Home and Garden Design. Other courses are provided by upper secondary schools in Lund and Malmö.

Higher education

14 universities and other institutions of higher education are within commuting distance.

Care of school children

Children up to 12 are looked after at after-school recreation centres, family day nurseries and after-school clubs.

Care of the elderly

Our goal is to provide the best quality of life for the elderly in Sweden, comprising short-term care, safety living, sheltered housing or private carers, 24-hr home nursing, home care, special housing for the chronically ill, support for close relatives and dementia network.

Health care centres

There are well-equipped health care centres with physicians in both Staffanstorp and Hjärup. There are two university hospitals only a few minutes away.

Our inspirational international cooperation

Fantastic inspiration and knowledge are to be had out in the world. Staffanstorp sustains a rewarding exchange with many twin towns and municipal cooperative partners in both Europe and the rest of the world.

Our seven twin towns are Kohtla Järve in Estonia, Wolin in Poland, Viitasaari in Finland, Vallensbaek near Copenhagen in Denmark, Grimmen in north-east Germany, Ozzano near Bologna in Italy and Killarney in Ireland.

We are members of a municipal partnership that carries out tasks for Sida in Namibia.

Our international cooperation allows us to overcome cultural differences and language barriers in both Staffanstorp and in the rest of the world, to increase tolerance and understanding for other cultures the situation of others and to combat xenophobia.

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